'Outlander' fans want to know: Is Fraser's Ridge, N.C., a real place? (2023)

Kelly Kazek

January 08 | 2019

'Outlander' fans want to know: Is Fraser's Ridge, N.C., a real place? (1)

View from the Blowing Rock in N.C.

Wil Elrick

The popular time-travel show "Outlander," now in its fourth series on Starz, is set largely in Scotland but time travel has also led our heroes Claire and Jamie to Fraser's Ridge, N.C., in Colonial America.

So is it a real place? No … but sort of. The scenes at Fraser's Ridge are actually filmed in Scotland, in an area the director says looks very much like North Carolina.

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(Video) Where is Fraser's Ridge? Outlander North Carolina / Treehouse Adventure

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Amber Sutton

March 28 | 2023

"How would you describe your state in two words?"

It's something that sounds easy enough until you try it -- and our followers on the It's a Southern Thing Facebook page can attest to that because we recently asked 'em to do just that. We got more than 2,000 responses, with submissions ranging from very obvious ("Peachtree Street," for example) to a little more on the vague side. After all, mountains and coastal could be several Southern states.

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southern states

Amber Sutton

March 22 | 2023

All of our mama's best mosquito remedies


A new mosquito species has made its way to Florida, so if you're planning a summer trip to the sunshine state, go ahead and add an extra bottle of bug spray to your bag.

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Amber Sutton

March 21 | 2023

#1) Boiled peanuts


Everyone knows a road trip, no matter how short or long, is only as good as the snacks you eat along the way.

Of course, you got plenty of snacks to choose from no matter where you are, but at Southern gas stations, you've got a few extra. We're talking those Southern gas station snacks you'd be hard-pressed to find at most chain stations but seem to always be stocked at mom and pop shops on old country roads.

With that in mind, we decided to ask members of The Potluck, the It's a Southern Thing subscription program, to rank some of the most popular Southern gas station snacks, including giant pickles, mini pecan pies and, of course, boiled peanuts.

(Video) OUTLANDER Season 6 | The Shootout At Fraser’s Ridge | Now on Blu-ray

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