SeatGuru Seat Map Jetstar (2023)

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/09/06 for Seat 10J

Good seat with loads of legroom and ability to snuggle in against window for sleeping. Worth the extra $$.Agree with other users - this small area could so become Jetstar's Premium Economy area and provide another point of difference.

Submitted by Paul B on 2019/07/05 for Seat 11j

Good being in separate cabin as a little quieter but outside of that don’t really see advantage of it. Not too much noise from galley nearby and far enough away from toilet to avoid noise. Shame Jetstar doesnt make this more like a Premium Econ cabin.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/23 for Seat 10G

Flew Brisbane to Bali in this seat and it was simply excellent! I could stretch out my legs and was very comfortable. A few months later I returned to Australia and was in the Exit Row 44C but did not like these seats at all. Too many people standing around in front of me and the seat not as comfortable as a result. Where 10G is located is more intimate and quiet. People complain re the pitch but they are a budget airline. To buy extra leg room is a very small amount extra. Just pay it rather than complaining.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/11/07 for Seat 3B

Worst Business Class seat, might be OK for domestic flight under 5 hours. Do not expect a relaxed sleep. No comparison with Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9N business class seat. Flight NZ103 Seat 4J

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/09/15 for Seat row 12

Honolulu to Melbourne 11 hour flight in economy is a no brainer. we were lucky to have no one behind us so didn't feel pressured not to put the seat as far back as it would allow (not enough to sleep ). leg room is minimal. quiet plane, no disturbance from galley or toilet.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/09/15

I have flown Dreamliner before and find them a lovely air craft. I chose these seats for my family on a flight to Honolulu from Melbourne. I thought we may be seated first but no such luck. being up front is quieter than at the back of the plane, but economy still sucks for sleeping. Food was edible, tv a little lack lustre but at least there was one for each seat.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/07/15 for Seat 2D

The foot well is obstructed by a metal box and the legs of the seat in front. There is also a an aluminium post that means you can't stretch your legs and makes it impossible to place your two feet together. I believe this is also an issue for seat 3D as well.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/28 for Seat 56F

This plane is very uncomfortable to travel in which s a shame as the Dreamliner is a nice aircraft.For the average Australian male the seat is too cramped for long haul flights. Not enough width and too little legroom.Give this plane a miss regardless of price.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/19 for Seat 44A

Hi there!On the 787-8, the window seats in the Exit Row (44A & 44J) have diminished legroom space due to the massive bump in the door where the inflatable slide is housed. There is LESS legroom than ordinary seats! Paying for "extra legroom" is an absolute rort!Not sure about Row 23.This would be indicative of most 787-8 aircraft operating worldwide! :-(

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/07 for Seat 11E

Rows 10-13 are great because they generally disembark first with business class, however there is a bassinet in 10A-C which was not known to me till flight.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/04/21 for Seat 1D

Consistent with the prior reviews - I would recommend the any first row (1) seat on this Jetstar 787 as there much more leg room and you don't have a seat infront to recline into you. Rows 2 and 3 suffer from this and get stuck in their seats. The seat was reasonably comfortable and similar to premium economy offerings on full service carriers. Recline is good however the leg rest is impractical and unuseable for anybody of a reasonable height. There is a plug socket and USB charger for every seat. Food and service mediocre and again probably consistent with premium economy on a full service carrier. A big difference to a full service airline wass no drinks were offered outside of the two meal services on this long 9.5 hour flight.I did a day flight and found it okay - a night flight may be a little less appealing as this seat is not really designed for sleeping.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/03/21 for Seat 42c

While appalled to find myself right near the toilet it wasn't all bad. No one pushing from behind and I was able to stand and easily move to the space behind the seat for some exercise.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/19 for Seat 52F

Reviews of most seats on Jetstar's Dreamliner make the plane pout to be very cramped. My partner in this seat is 6 ft 3 and he had ample room - until the person in front reclined their seat all the way back - then he was very cramped. However, this is the case with any airline in economy. The seats were wider than expected and id not reclined, the leg room was great for an economy seat.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/19 for Seat 28a

i was really worried having read comments on seat guru about how cramped this lovely dream liner was. I was very surprised... I am just under 6 foot and my partner is 6 foot 3 and there was more leg room on this flight that we have experienced on say qantas/virgin and emerites in economy on overseas flights. The seats seemed wider too. They recline nicely, with the seat pan coming out too, not just the back reclining. The modifications to the lighting and atmosphere that we learned about on the factory tour in Seattle made this trip even more pleasant. Plenty of toilets too!

Submitted by John M on 2017/11/15 for Seat 50d

This aircraft us the worst i have ever travelled on, i’m 6ft1 and have never ever been so uncomfortable , i measured seat pitch at 29”. I realise jetstar in a low cost operator , obviously dont want to cater for any passenger over 5ft8 and 60kgs. Far Far too many seats on this aeroplane.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/09 for Seat 1F

Business Class seats are not much more than an Economy seat in a better airline. Recline is very limited. Leg room is limited. In seats 1D and 1F your feet partly obstruct the entry to the galley, so you'll find the crew and trollies bumping them.


Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/09 for Seat 44D

The area between the toilets and seats 44D, E and F seems to be large enough for people to feel comfortable continuously cross in front of you from aisle to aisle, but not large enough for people to pass through without disturbing you. It means that you're consistently woken up by people stepping on your feet, tripping over you and one guy even told me to move my feet. I was recovering from an operation on my foot, so I found the experience very stressful. Also, the fold out tables sit at an angle, which isn't great for drinks. I'd recommend against booking these seats.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/07/19 for Seat 34h

Rows of 3 are crap , the call burron and remote are built into the armrest , stupid idea, rave reviews for this aircraft , didnt like it at all

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/25 for Seat 3B

For a flight DPS to SYD. This is a "business" class seat, which we all know is NOT lie-flat. The width seems not much more than economy, the recline is good, & the headrest adjusts up & can be adjusted in to your ears. There's also space behind the seat to put stuff on the floor. In this flight we were unexpectedly served a meal & alcohol. Service was minimal but good, & friendly.This is a low cost airline, so you take your own back pillow & neck support. As for those people whining about not getting Premium airline comfort (ie business class!!) while at the same time having paid a low fare - get over it people, it's a cheap fare! The worst thing about these Jetstar flights to & from Bali is that the fare attracts the worst Australian bogans, even in "business:.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/25 for Seat 11c

This is a good seat, in the Extra Legroom area. The flight was SYD to DPS. I'm 5'9 so did find the seat not great for support. But, it's a low cost airline, so you take your own back pillow & neck support. These forums seem to get people whining about not getting Premium airline comfort (ie business class!!) for next to no $$ - get over it people, it's a cheap fare! The worst thing about these flights is the low class Australian bogans.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/20 for Seat Row 10

Well worth paying $25 for the extra legroom and no one to recline in front. There used to be baby seats on Row 10ABC & 10GHJ but not anymore. This section of economy is quieter and gets to get off first.The only issue I had with this aircraft was the number of toilets...Jetstar should consider putting more installed. There seemed to be a long line throughout the flight, not hard to understand why Row 44 could be the worst to sit.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/17 for Seat 11E 11F

Seat infront (10E) was loose and the passenger kept leaning back and seemed to get an extra inch or two - then the chair bounced like a trampoline. Hopeless Jetstar staff don't care about you or anything for that matter. Seats nice leather but pay extra and fly with qantas.The best seats i could see were 10GHJ nice and cosy area get those if u can.

Submitted by Ian B on 2017/06/04 for Seat 1D

Row 1 in JQ Business Class is the best of the 3 rows, as you have no seat reclining in front of you. As a business class pax you do get to board first, and food/drinks/baggage are included (as they are on full service airlines (no so in the back of the plane)That's the positives. The negatives are: (1) its premium economy seating and service 'at best', (2) crew left the galley bright lights in front of business class on all night during the overnight flight so the business cabin was NOT dark, and constantly thumped through the business class cabin to the economy cabin all night having little or no regard for pax attempting to sleep (JQ18 is an overnight flight)The ONLY reason I chose this airline/flight is because its the ONLY MEL-HKT-MEL direct flight.Would I fly them again? ONLY in their business class and ONLY if its the ONLY direct flight.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/30 for Seat 38C

The most uncomfortable 5.5 hours I have ever experienced. I'm 6 foot 3 and if you're just as tall then be prepared for a truly horrible experience, especially when the person in front reclines. I couldn't justify the few hundred dollars it would cost to upgrade to a glorified premium economy and hence just had to grit my teeth and bare it, arriving at BNE having not had one minute of sleep. Avoid JQ at all costs if you're tall.

Submitted by Phil S on 2017/03/20 for Seat 10G

paid extra for the "upfront" seats - totally worth the extra $20. the upfront cabin is very nice - quieter than the open cabin in back. another advantage is that you end up deplaning first - even before the business class passengers. row 10 is very nice - seats are narrower because it is a bulkhead row, but legroom very good. 10G has the added advantage of stretching out into business cabin under the curtain. i'm 6'2" and had no problems on my 10 hr flight from HNL to SYD.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/25 for Seat 47G

Avoid this airline for long flights. Minimal legroom. If the person in front reclines their seat you're really in trouble. Very uncomfortable flight.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/25 for Seat 48D

Horrible airline. I'm only 5 foot 9 and was totally squished in this seat. Worst plane ever.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/12 for Seat 44C

Flight from Melbourne to Phuket. Paid for the extra leg room by booking an exit seat thinking it would be like qantas, however when printing my boarding pass it gave me another seat so off to the service desk who did not really seem interested in providing service so we could get through customs. The toilet access was right by these seats, no curtain to block off the toilets, so I got no rest and when I did try, passengers queuing for the toilet would knock you, walk on your feet - HORRIBLE flight and I will never booked Jetstar again and am not looking forward to the night flight back to Sydney.Also shop around, what you think you are getting a good deal on a flight, but by the time you pay for food, entertainment etc you might as well have booked with a airline that includes all these things.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/21 for Seat 10E

10D, 10E and 10F offer significantly more legroom than other seats. No one attempted to walk in front of us (one of the flight attendants recommended we put hand luggage on the floor after takeoff to discourage this). Definitely worth the extra $25 per person.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/14 for Seat 23H

This was my first flight on the 787 Dreamliner - what a shocker!! The seat would be comfortable for my 9 year old grandson, but for an adult - and at 64 years old I am not the biggest of males - the seat was found to be incredibly uncomfortable. The width is inadequate, the flight was full so I had my wife in 23J and a big strapping younger male on my left. Our shoulders simply did not fit, our backsides barely fitted in, the seat itself was uncomfortable, and departing Sydney at 1745 and arriving in Honolulu at 0625 meant that everyone was trying to get some sleep. The only people who seemed to sleep well were the cabin crew - they crashed out in the rear of the plane without too much trouble - obviously they weren't too concerned with serving the passengers. I have never seen a plane full of so many unhappy faces, all attempting to grin and bear the 9.5 hrs of misery in totally inadequate accommodation. The cabin staff seem to know what the paying customers are being subjected to as they are very glum with rarely a smile to be seen. The extra legroom with this emergency exit row - at a cost - was good to have, and the opportunity to be able to stand straight up proved to be a wonderful advantage - pity the poor buggers having to climb over one or two passengers with no knee space in this 3-3-3 configuration. The galley and a toilet is immediately in front of this row and the activity there can be a bit noisy. The aircraft cabin is actually surprisingly noisy, even when everyone on-board is being quiet. We won't do Jetstar again!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/29 for Seat 44DEF

Lots of people and children crossing in front of seats to get to the toilets and taking short cuts as they walk up and down the plane trying to keep children and crying babies amused.Row 44DEF.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/26 for Seat 44D

44DEF are good seats with leg room. However passengers will cut through in front of you to get to the toilet.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/23 for Seat 49A

worst ever international flight ABSOLUTELY, back to Air Asia for me, at least on long haul they have MORE seat room, like the 787, do not like jetstar, NO ROOM, every time the person next to me moved they bumped me and they moved the whole 9 hours. You can NOT lean against the window like you can on other aircraft.

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Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/20 for Seat 3C

The most uncomfortable seat with no room Business Class and the seat does not recline but a few inches. Do not book this seat if you can't sleep upright. Travellers need to be very small in body size as you can't move if the passengers put seat back and go to sleep. We spent hours wanting to get to the toilet is almost impossible to manoeuvre out of the seat. Worse experience in my lifetime. Save your money.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/04

I flew Phuket to Melbourne and return, and opted to use business class since it was an overnight flight going to MEL. What a joke to call this business class. The seats are narrow and don't recline any more than an economy seat. The staff were surly and not interested. The entertainment options were paltry. The way the ground staff treated the passengers was worse than cattle.Jetstar were lucky to get me this trip - I have had bad experiences with them before, but their schedule was best for my business in Melbourne. But never again. I paid $1500 for the experience, but that won't ever happen again

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/01 for Seat 10A

The seat has much more legroom than a standard economy seat, and is apart of the small 'up-front' section of economy, so it is quieter.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/26 for Seat 44G

This seat is very narrow, you are continually touching the arm of the person in the seat next to you, you also have fellow passengers brushing your other arm as they head to the toilet..not worth the extra $47, and will only pay extra for a window seat with extra leg room in the future.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/26 for Seat 23 F 23 E

Should of read Seat Guru before paying an extra $47 for this seat, never again will I book it. As it was an afternoon flight (3pm) to Phuket, children who appeared to have travelled without their parents were out of control using our extra leg room as a thouroughfare for any excuse, even after taking off our shoes and putting them beside our feet, they tromped all over our feet and shoes, one "little darling" crossed in front of us, waking me just so he could open the toilet door, look in and then cross in front of us again...

Submitted by David K on 2016/09/21 for Seat 10J

We were seated in 10H&J on flight JQ4. Aircraft was VH-VKK. If you can get into this bulkhead row, do it. I am over 6'2" tall, though I couldn't straighten my legs in front of me, not having a seat reclining in front of me was significantly preferable to having some extra knee room. Seat 10G is slightly offset from the bulkhead and you would gain even more legroom under the curtain into business class.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/25

I could normally catch a few hours sleep when having to fly overnight but was totally unable as my head fell forward no matter what position I tried and finally I realised it was hopeless to even try to nod off even for half an hour.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/24 for Seat 37J

I've made a life long decision never to fly Jetstar on a long distance flight. This was possibly the worst flight I've ever been. There was barely any legroom. Seats do not recline and when reclined, it moved forward and my knees were jammed against the front seat. Jetstar has brought a new meaning to flying budget.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/23

These seats have the same recline as all other seats. The foot rest can be adjusted into many positions. The food, service and seat are good for what you pay for! Although this is Jetstar business class... It is not comparable to business class on a full service airline such as Qantas. If that is what you are after,, you will be disappointed with JQ business.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/20

I could normally catch a few hours sleep when having to fly overnight but was totally unable as my head fell forward no matter what position I tried and finally I realised it was hopeless to even try to nod off even for half an hour.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/19 for Seat 28C

Shame that Jetstar has ruined what could be a great aircraft with such a poor configuration. Seats are uncomfortable and cause one's lumbar to slide down to a horrible posture. Constantly had to shuffle up to stay upright. The legroom is just absurd, I understand its a low cost carrier therefore more seats are required to keep it affordable, but jesus they could at least have figured out a way to make it so people feel its possible to breathe, and not have one's knees constantly jammed into the seat back pocket for 7-9 hours of hell on the nightmare liner...where 300mls of water is $4 and a sub-par meal $24

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/18 for Seat 1A

Great businss class seat with plenty of leg room and overhead storage space.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/04 for Seat 10D

These seats are possibly the worst seats on any aircraft I have ever flown in. There are 3 toilets on the right hand side of the aircraft, but only 2 on the left. People are constantly crossing in front of the people who paid extra for these leg-room rows. Do not fly in these seats

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/04 for Seat 44D

These seats are possibly the worst seats on any aircraft I have ever flown in. There are 3 toilets on the right hand side of the aircraft, but only 2 on the left. People are constantly crossing in front of the people who paid extra for these leg-room rows. Do not fly in these seats

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/02 for Seat 42A

The window in this seat is so far forward you can not really see out it without resting your head on the seat in front.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/05/27 for Seat 2A

my mother and i flew from honolulu to Sydney, we decided on just splurging on business class seats, the seats where ok but nothing i would count as worthy of the title of business class. if you want to be able to move or get up during the flight maybe book front row because otherwise it is a struggle. the person in front had their seat back from the moment we were in the air, because of that i had to help my mother in seat 2C to get up (while I'm in 2A) and then i had to contort myself out from my seat and past my mother's seat, to go to a bathroom that was so narrow is was unbelievable, i have never encountered a bathroom that small on a plane before, like doesn't paying for business class afford you just a little bit of space?. otherwise the food was good and the alcohol is included in the price and the flight attendants where all really nice and helpful

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/20

I took my family to Hawaii.5 Adults and an infant. These seats are so uncomfortable. We were in 2DEF and 1JD on the return flight. I have flown on JQ4 on an A330 in the past, and the 787 seats disappointingly were no better and may be worse. I will not go back to HNL on this aircraft, but would fly Busines with another carrier.

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Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/17 for Seat 11ABCD

Flew Brisbane to Honolulu with family in 11ABC&D. This little cabin area has a nice feel to it. Well worth the extra $25 to sit "up front". Limited movie selection and not worth the $10 so take your own on a USB.

Submitted by Krocodial B on 2016/04/06 for Seat 23J

I travelled to Honolulu from Brisbane & found this seat excellent, the extra legroom was awesome for an extra few $, yes it was a bit busy in that area due to toilets & galley, this didn't bother me, yes I would do it again, actually I am on my return:-)

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/02/16 for Seat 1C

Returned from Japan (NRT-OOL) last night. The in-cabin experience was good. But didn't get the footrest to work, otherwise the seat was as good as most PE seats. I was travelling with intermitent lower back pain and survived the 9 hours without a problem (maybe the extra legroom in row 1 helped). Toilet was kept spotless. We were surprised to see that the champagne was Piper Heidsieck Brut NV. The Max bundle fare cost us A$4.7k for two pax, and could be compared to the A$5.1k equivalent QF PE sale fare, when adding connecting flights. QF PE however is in a more crowded 747 2-4-2 config cabin, but QF does fly direct (for us).The main fails for the JQ premium fare from NRT is using Narita LCC Terminal 3, with no fast track or priority, and no longer access to the QF Lounge in T2, and a long walk to T3 (or slow bus) from T2 train. It took 30 minutes for bagdrop & another 30 minutes for security. With another hour waiting at OOL for bags & skis to be unloaded. The inflight product is competitive, but the ground services may be non exsistent & that can cause frustration.So, in-cabin was very good, but in the Terminals was bad.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/01/13 for Seat 10E

Row 10,especially D,E and F,is the best in economy. Sufficient legroom and no recliners infront make a big difference on this very crampted aircraft. Worth paying $25.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/01/07 for Seat 1F

I used to travel Jetstar business to BKK each year until the Dreamliner came along. What an awful cabin. Great staff but very narrow and uncomfortable seats. Worst flight ever. May as well go economy. Anyway have not flown Jetstar since then.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/12/29 for Seat Bad

The seat is very uncomfortable and the reclining system dosent work. The space is so narrow to squeeze out of the seat into the aisle .Very bad Jetstar .New Name = JokeStar

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/12/26 for Seat 1AB 1GJ

We travel regularly in Row 1 ONLY. No complaints - with no recliners in front and good legroom on the bulkhead. Wouldn't travel in rows 2 or 3 (including the staff rest seats with extra recline).

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/12/17 for Seat 3A

I found the foot rest was too low for the amount of recline afforded by the seat. It felt really uncomfortable at a full recline because the foot rest only just hovered above the floor and you were arched in an odd position if you tried to sleep this way. I am 169 cm tall. On a good note the service was fantastic and the food was really good.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/12/08

The lavatories look like they haven't been cleaned since the aircraft went into service. At the start of the flight they had dried blood stains on the wall, panels held together with sticky tape which came off mid flight, and the toilet seat itself when raised was coloured burnt orange in some parts due to lack of cleaning. The door seals were covered in dust and the floor door hinge had weeks of crud in it.....gross is an understatement, ill be sending photos to Jetstar. Don't get me started on my seat tray table....that was decrepit and the flight attendant brought needed antiseptic wipes to clean it.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/12/08 for Seat 24G

One lavatory towards the front means a very long wait when the food service blocks the aisle to the rear, yet on US flights you can't congregate near toilets which means waiting in your seat and missing the line. I'm 6 foot and legroom was not a problem, but the seat itself was very uncomfortable as its only a few inches thick and seat width was excruciatingly horrible and many parts of you are always touching the next passenger. Aisle widths are less than a seat wide so if you sit on an aisle be prepared for a sore shoulder at the end of the trip. This has convinced me to never fly Jetstar again as 17" wide seats are simply too narrow for your average adult male.

Submitted by Wayne W on 2015/11/30

The inflight entertainment wasnt working and I could not get anyone to take notice of me until 2 hours later when they gave me a tissue from the toilet to tape over the screen. The glare was giving me a migraine. It took ages to collect our rubbish after our meal. The cabin staff were very rude.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/11/29 for Seat Row 1

I usually have no problems with JQ "Business" provided sitting in Row 1 seats. I avoid recliners so prefer row 1.Unfortunately, JQ changed the original StarClass name, which was better suited to the product. Although, Lounge access may be available depending on fare & location.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/11/17 for Seat 44c

Although the seating is good with leg rests, being next to the toilets are horrible. They have new somewhat sliding doors, that slide really easy, always slam because people are unaware, this happened soooooo many times on my flight, so dont pick this seat if you wish to sleep!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/11/16 for Seat Business

I have to agree with most of the comments on the Jetstar configuration and seat selection , the business class is average at best , if you wish to see how the Dreamliner should be used fly one with Japan Airlines , now theres an experience in business to remember

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/11/03 for Seat 44A

Overnight flight, passengers constantly using the lavatory and slamming the door.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/10/19 for Seat 23H

I flew to Bali from Sydney with Jetstar, I don't really recommend this seat. There's no tv demand for take off and landing. No seat pocket, awkward face-to-face with cabin crew, bothered by the galley.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/09/17 for Seat 3A 3C

"I have to agree in that the seats in "business" class were uncomfortable for sleeping. With the seat in front of you reclined, you could not stand to get out of your seat - you have to slide over the center arm rest. Also, the so called 'leg rests' are a total waste of time if you are over five foot six." I entirely agree with the poster, and may I add, this dreamliner was turned into "nightmare" courtesy of Jetstar. What horrible seats they are!!!


Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/09/13 for Seat 45J

Such an amazing modern aircraft, So quiet and sleek. However Jetstar... it was the most uncomfortable flight. Seats are too close and for midgets.. IFE was average, Crashes, jerky and minimal content. Aircraft on both legs were filthy.. do JQ clean their Aircraft?

Submitted by Colin P on 2015/08/28 for Seat 26E

Each seat (except perhaps bulkhead seats) has USB power for your phone or tablet. I found it quite comfortable.If you want free water, ask for a "glass of water" (if you ask for some "water" and they may bring you a chargeable bottle of mineral water). The cabin crew were friendly and very quick my most airline standards.Seats in the forward Economy cabin were noticeably quieter than the rear cabin.This 787 is dramatically quieter than the Jetstar Airbus A320 we flew two hours later.Be prepared to pay for food, drinks and the IFE (although the map of the flight progress is free).

Submitted by Trevor P on 2015/08/27 for Seat 3A

Hardly a bus class seat. Premium Eco at best. If you can jag a cheap upgrade, it is worth it. Otherwise, either avoid Jetstar altogether, or suffer in the worlds worst economy and use the savings for a message at the other end...

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/08/03 for Seat Economy

The 3+3+3 layout on the 787 makes for an incredibly small amount of room both width and leg room. Uncomfortable for any length of time for even average sized passengers.The return journey on an A330 2+4+2 was spacious by comparison.

Submitted by Jamie P on 2015/08/02 for Seat 44D

These 3 seats 44D-44E-44F -Dreamliner 787-8, are recommended if you don't want to pay for extra legroom. I found them great to easily get up to stretch and move around.Being close to the toilets and having passengers walking in front of you to access both aisles can be annoying.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/07/24 for Seat 42a

The window is mis aligned if seat in front reclines its hard to see out of it and the smell from the toilets is pretty bad after a few hours

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/05/31 for Seat 23G

They really should have taken out this seat and left it as 2 seats for a couple of reasons.1. When people walk past, the aisle is that narrow that everyone bumps into you, which makes it hard to relax and sleep.2. The seat is narrower than other seats because of the tray table. Found it very hard to relax the entire flight.If I was to fly this airline again, I wouldn't pay for the exit row!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/04/09 for Seat Business

Having recently returned from Japan, I have to agree in that the seats in "business" class were uncomfortable for sleeping. With the seat in front of you reclined, you could not stand to get out of your seat - you have to slide over the center arm rest. Also, the so called 'leg rests' are a total waste of time if you are over five foot six. Jet Star need to improve and not crowd so many onto one aircraft

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/04/08 for Seat Economy

It's rather unwise for Jetstar to provide touchscreen entertainment systems but try to save costs by not providing a controllers, resulting in people jabbing away at the back of seats trying to work the volumes/brightness, typing in messages on the seat-to-seat chat service or playing games. That being said, I wonder they they don't allow food orders (and payments) via those touchscreens with credit card swipes.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/02/08 for Seat economy seat

Returned from japan to sydney on 5.2.15 on jetstar. Was the most uncomfortable flight I have EVER taken in 30 years due to appallingly uncomfortable seat. I am 1.84m and my knees hit the tray table and there is hardly any movement in the seat. Staff were efficient and surly, not a smile to be seen. Plus Jetstar stuffed up again, another connection missed. Never flying with them again

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2015/01/08 for Seat 1C

Upgraded to business for minimal cost. Service was friendly but a bit rushed. I slept fine and found it comfortable Hope they offer me a cheap upgrade again

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/12/28 for Seat Ok

Seats 1D and 1F are the fist to protrude in the aisle due to the 3 seat in "business" class being wider than cattle class. This means the curtain hits your legs on the frequent passing of staff and passengers. Also your legs and knees are exposed to errant trollies as they are in the aisle compared with the doorway in the bulkhead. Sat in 1F once when they swapped from a 330 in which its a great seat especially on the older 2 seat up front 300. A poor mans premium economy but serviceable and the staff in the main are good to OK.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/12/01 for Seat 2C

The B787 is a great aircraft. Then it is up to the airline to configure it and make passengers want to come back. This where JetStar completely fails. From check-in to inflight service and comfort, JetStar truly lives up to all the negatives you can think of in terms of poor Australian service. Specifically on this aircraft: the so called business class should be called Economy Plus - this is NOT business class; arrogant service, poor food and drinks and, most importantly, the seats are not comfortable. As a previous reviewer wrote, "avoid this airline at any cost", I fully agree. If you absolutely have to fly with JetStar, buy the cheapest ticket you can find and enjoy 'saving' money and get ready for hours of poor Aussie service.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/11/21 for Seat 30A

Being of normal weight and stature,I had no problems with the seat. However, it would be a nightmare for any opulent and overweight person. Felt more comfortable with the A330 seating. Big plus is the A/C power point, unlimited Tablet and Notebook entertainment.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/11/16 for Seat 47J

This plane is a disaster waiting to happen. I was in the window seat & when the seat in front is reclined back, you cannot stand up.To exit you must ask to 2 passengers beside you to move to the aisle, lift the arm rests & slide out sideways. In an emergency situation, this is totally unacceptable. Jetstar is run by accountants trying to saving money, rather than entrepreneurs trying to making money.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/09/19 for Seat 41C

Sat in row 41 seat C for a 8-9 hour flight Sydney to Phuket 08/09/14. I am 183 cm (6 foot) and found it to be comfortable with sufficient legroom. No complaints. Good aircraft.

Submitted by Toi J on 2014/08/24

This plane supposed to be the dream liner but the Jet Star people have turned it into a night mare. The pitch is unsuitable for any flight over 1 hour and I doubt any airline could get more seats on a 787. Avoid this airline at all cost

(Video) Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Cabin Interior - Seating Details [HD]

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/08/13 for Seat 25H

Very pleased with the comfort of seats and more legroom Access to the lights & service button from the tv console good lighting in general in the plane softer


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